Small and delicate yet packed with flavour, stocking up on your favourite snacks is a must-have when watching any sporting event. Whether it be football, rugby or formula 1, there are a host of tasty recipes that are guaranteed to go down a storm. Take a look at our nine show-stopping match day snack recipes to enjoy with your friends and family!

Match Day Snack Recipes: Our Top Picks

With the World Cup officially in full swing, you may be planning to feed many guests and struggling to think of snack ideas. No worries, our experts at our sports bar in Milton Keynes have compiled our favourite 9 match day snack recipes, perfect for you!

If you don’t want to serve many people and aren’t handy in the kitchen, then book a table with us for the World Cup Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Final to experience all of this in the energetic environment of our restaurant!

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    1. Nachos

    Nachos are one of the best sharing meals to serve when you’re watching a game with people around you; people can dig in no matter the topping, and they’re versatile, meaning you can tailor the topping to vegans and veggies!

    At our restaurant and sports bar in Milton Keynes, we offer many different vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options! Tuck into some nachos with melted Monterey Jack cheese, guacamole and sour cream, salsa and jalapeños whilst surrounded by our sports bars’ lively atmosphere, perfect for those buzzing game days!

    If you want to re-create our delicious creations at home, tip some lightly seasoned tortilla chips into a bowl and top with whatever toppings you like; go veggie and add some peppers, black beans, yoghurt and paprika for some smoky veggie nachos! Or go meat-based with some chilli con carne for a mouth-watering taste!

    Have a look at our previous article for some more tasty nacho topping ideas!

    Nachos On Match Day

    2. Loaded Fries

    Another flavourful dish that will pump you up for the match day action is loaded fries! Versatile and very easy to make, loaded fries offer a warm, delicious sharing treat for everyone you invite around.

    Loaded fries are a fan favourite at our restaurant in Milton Keynes. No matter the topping, they are a classic that no one can turn down. Enjoy our fries topped with smoky bean chilli and cheese, a melt in your mouth three cheese and chive topping, tender beef brisket, tangy bean chilli and cheese or a savoury chilli con carne loaded with cheese.

    If you’re planning to cook at home and need a budget-friendly veggie option, why not pile high some cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, feta and yoghurt for a refreshing greek salad twist? This recipe only takes 25 minutes altogether, so it can be made on the day, ready to be served hot and yummy when the match is on!

    Book a table with us for the World Cup Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Final to have a fun, flavourful night that you won’t forget!

    Cheesy Loaded Fries

    3. Halloumi Fries

    In a rush? Try out these irresistible halloumi fries that only take 20 minutes altogether! They’ll be the best match-day snack for people to nibble on throughout the game. With their crispy, golden shell and seasoned, salty flavour, they’ll definitely go down a storm. Even mix up your own dipping sauce for extra tastiness and the perfect sweet accompaniment!

    This easy and helpful recipe runs through every step with ease, so you can serve this savoury treat on match day and impress all your friends and family.

    4. BBQ Pulled Pork & Chicken

    As an American classic, pulled pork (or chicken, if you prefer) is slow-cooked and shredded with a tangy sweet flavour. Perfect as a burger filling, you can complement your shredded pork with cheese, pickles and tangy BBQ sauce, all sandwiched inside a sweet brioche bun.

    Alternatively, if you love a sharing meal, why not add your delicious pulled pork on top of crunchy nachos or loaded fries? Both staple menu items at Wing Kingz, these dishes are not only available when you eat in but also as part of our takeaway in Milton Keynes for those days when you want to focus your full attention on the game!

    5. Cheese & Garlic Rolls

    Preparation for match day can take a while, but if you have a bit of extra time on your hands, have a go at these tear-and-share cheese and garlic rolls for guests to snack on. A twist on a sweet cinnamon bun, these cheesy rolls filled with garlicky goodness will feed your crowd easily and are perfect for a light snack, making way for all your other dishes. Plus, your house will also smell heavenly – what more could you ask for?

    6. Mac’n’Cheese Bites

    For smaller, bite-sized snacks that your guests can dig into, serve these veggie mac ‘n’ cheese bites – we promise they will be left wanting more!

    It is recommended to start making this dish the night before, which involves melting butter in a pan and adding flour and milk, then letting it simmer whilst gently whisking. After stirring in your cheeses, feel free to add mustard and garlic salt for an extra kick.

    On the side, start cooking your pasta as usual, and after this, mix in your cheese sauce, leaving it to set overnight so that it can be easily moulded into ball shapes on the morning of the match day. Roll these balls into egg and breadcrumbs to create the crispy coating, then fry them! Serve them with multiple homemade or store-bought dipping sauces for the perfect flavour combination.

    This recipe by Olive Magazine will help you prepare these golden and scrumptious little snacks!

    cut in half mac n cheese bites

    7. Jalapeño Poppers

    Our experts at our restaurant in Milton Keynes are known for adding a dash of heat to our dishes, perfect for a subtle kick. And, of course, our sides are no different.

    With this in mind, next up is the jalapeño poppers – an absolute must-have on game day. With a gloriously crispy coating and an interior filled with the perfect balance between a fiery crunch and stringy cheesy, you can never go wrong. Pair your jalapeño poppers with sour cream or blue cheese sauce for a much-appreciated cooling side dip.

    8. Buffalo Wings

    It wouldn’t be true Wing Kingz style without mentioning our holy grail, the buffalo wing. Perfectly tender chicken coated in a tangy, spicy sauce, buffalo wings couldn’t be easier to make from the comfort of your home. Check out our previous article on the different types of chicken wings for our top tips on making your own, including a meat alternative for your vegan guests!

    If you’d prefer to leave it down to the experts, our doors are always open and ready to serve our legendary wings. Our signature buffalo sauce range from mild to insanely hot, and you can even choose how you’d like your wings cooked, whether it be grilled or buttermilk fried. Don’t forget if you’re planning to visit us during this World Cup season; we recommend booking a table in advance for any England games, along with the Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Final.

    Spicy Chicken Wings

    9. Chocotorta

    If you need a sweet spin to the rest of your dishes, perfect to end the night, then take a look at this sweet Argentinian dessert that involves absolutely no baking, only chilling, precisely what you’ll be doing on match day if you prepare this dish! Its refreshing yet rich taste will leave your guests feeling full, happy and ready for the rest of the night and beyond!

    Originating in 1982, this dessert is a typical at-home recipe that makes it ideal for a social event such as match days!

    One of the best things about chocotorta is how unbelievably easy it is, as its main ingredients are only:

    • Dulce de leche (caramelised milk)
    • Soft/mascarpone cheese
    • Milk or coffee
    • Thin chocolate biscuits

    Mouth-Watering Recipes For All Guests To Enjoy

    Having prepared you and given you ideas of what to make on match day, you should now be able to attempt to whip up some of our easy, tasty recipes. We love all these ideas and recommend them to everyone, even not on match days!

    If you know you aren’t a fan of being in the kitchen and don’t want to serve these dishes yourself, join us at our restaurant in Milton Keynes to experience our vibrant atmosphere and delicious food. However, if you want to try our dishes in the comfort of your home, then simply order a takeaway in Milton Keynes from our sports bar and enjoy the taste of heaven in your own home!

    Make sure to book a table with us for the world cup Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Final to experience our sports bar and our glorious food right on match day!