Are you craving some delicious nachos but don’t know which toppings to put on them? At Wing Kingz, we know everything there is to know about nacho toppings, from Mexican-inspired classics to our surprising yet mouth-watering alternatives. These must-try nacho toppings are brimming with flavour – you don’t want to miss out!

What To Put On Nachos: 20 Popular Nacho Toppings

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    Meat Toppings On Nachos

    Nachos can be a delicious starter or main, but if you’d like to make them a bit more filling, add some meaty goodness to take your dish up a level!


    You’re guaranteed to fulfil your cravings with chicken-topped nachos – they’re a classic. At our restaurant in Milton Keynes, we top our nachos with flavourful BBQ pulled chicken and melted cheese – a real crowd pleaser!

    Suppose you’d prefer to try your hand at making gorgeously tender, boneless shredded chicken at home. In that case, you’re in luck, as it can take under an hour and is an easy process. Look at this helpful recipe by Inspired Taste to discover how to make your very juicy shredded chicken, perfect for not only nachos but also burgers!


    You cannot go wrong with loading your nachos with super tasty ground beef. Keep it classic by seasoning your meat with a taco-style mix of paprika, garlic powder, oregano, cumin and chilli powder or mix it up with an internationally-inspired recipe. We love the mouthwatering Thai basil beef recipe by The Modern Proper – combining the savoury goodness of soy sauce with the sweetness of brown sugar and a touch of zingy lime; this recipe is brimming with flavour!


    BBQ pulled pork on top of nachos is one of the best options if you’re a pork lover. The American-made dish is succulent, tasty, perfect with the crispy nachos, and easy to make at home; it’s definitely a must-try! Its smoky and savoury flavour makes this dish an excellent choice for many recipes, especially your nachos. Others love pork belly nachos, which are still appealing and loved by many; always remember to layer, so you get this flavoursome meat throughout the whole plate of nachos!


    Loading up your nachos with tender and juicy steak slices topped with cheese, jalapeños, and sauce is always a winner. Mix up the textures and flavours to create mouthwatering goodness on a plate!

    When it comes to steak, there are many cuts to choose from, all of which offer their own distinct taste and require slightly different cooking methods. This article by Taste Of Home will explain everything you need to know about steak so you make sure your nachos are at their best.

    If you’re eager to get in the kitchen, this homemade, loaded, spicy steak nachos recipe will keep your stomach happy for days!

    Chilli con Carne

    At our sports bar in Milton Keynes, our chilli con carne loaded nachos go down a storm on game day. They’re a heavenly choice, complete with gooey melted cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole – our stomach is rumbling already at the thought!

    If you’re looking for a healthier but just as delicious alternative, why not try making your own at home and substituting beef for beautiful ground turkey? Turkey is known to be leaner, and as it has a lighter flavour, you have more freedom when loading up your seasonings.


    If you’re searching for a new card to bring to the table, these shrimp nachos are a unique but flavourful option. Shrimps are sweet with a hint of saltiness and are somewhat chewy, crunchy and firm, so if you don’t fancy the rich meaty flavours of the options above, this could be a brilliant substitute. Shrimp-loaded nachos are super easy to make from home; follow this recipe by All Recipes, and we’re sure this dish will become a new favourite!

    Another quick tip; although shrimp can be bought shelled or unshelled, you might prefer to go for the unshelled option. No one wants the hassle of peeling when all they can think of is tucking into their tasty nachos! If you do opt for shelled, here is how to peel and devein a shrimp:

    Vegetarian & Vegan Nachos Toppings

    Add a little something to your nachos with these simple yet tasty vegetarian options.


    Cheese is a signature topping that is always a good idea; whether melted or grated, you can never beat the melty goodness. An ancient food, the world of cheese couldn’t be more versatile, so you’re guaranteed to find a topping that fulfils your cravings.

    By far, the most popular option is oozy Monterey Jack cheese. Offering a super creamy taste, Monterey Jack is far milder and is perfect for making a classic nacho cheese sauce. If you’re a lover of something stronger, cheddar is a little tangier and can be grated over your nachos before being popped in the oven on low heat to melt.

    For a vegan option, substitute cheese for a vegan cheese alternative; find some here!

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    Green Onion

    Sprinkle a little green onion over your nachos for not only a crunchy texture but also a pop of colour. Green onions can be eaten cooked or raw, offering a sweet yet slightly sharp flavour. They’re perfect for accompanying your steak-topped nachos.


    What would nachos be without jalapeños? Kick up the heat with these flavourful chilli peppers, and you won’t be disappointed. Originating from Mexico, jalapeños have a Scoville heat unit of around 5,000 but are perfect for those who want to add a subtle touch of spice to their dish. For something milder, roasted jalapeños provide a richer and smokier taste, perfect with your nachos!


    Slicing some olives and sprinkling them over your nachos guarantees a flavour-packed addition! There are many types of olives to choose from, all offering a slightly different flavour. Here are our favourites for accompanying nachos:

    Kalamata: This dark purple olive originates from Greece and has a rich and smoky taste as they’re usually preserved in red wine/red wine vinegar. The best cheeses to pair these olives with are milder cheeses, such as gouda and Swiss cheese.

    Castelvetrano: Italy-made, these olives bring a mild buttery taste with a bright green appearance; they pair brilliantly with fontina cheese and meats such as pepperoni.

    Cerignola: These massive olives are crisp and buttery and recommended for people new to trying olives as they’re not too overpowering. They also pair well with fontina cheese yet are recommended to be eaten with bresaola – a fantastic choice for your nacho topping.

    If you want to know more about the different types of olives there are, then take a look at this article by Serious Eats.


    Lettuce is an overlooked topping but is perfect for incorporating some crunch and freshness into your dish. There are different ways to add lettuce to your nachos; why not try shredding it and using it as a topping, or even using a lettuce leaf as a wrap and loading all your nachos into it for a healthy alternative?


    Black beans have a creamy and meaty flavour, making them a brilliant idea to use as a protein alternative to meat. They come from America and date back over 7,000 years, making them a trusted staple for your nachos!


    This inexpensive but hugely popular Mexican tofu dish blends a tasty mix of different ingredients to create the perfect quick and easy nacho topping! Although the texture is similar to ground beef, many compare the taste to smoky shredded chicken.


    Add crunch and subtle sweetness to your nachos with bell peppers. Whether you opt for topping your nachos with a fajita-style pepper and onion mix or load your nachos into bell pepper boats, this much-loved vegetable offers the perfect meat-free alternative.


    Sweetcorn brings… well… sweetness to your nachos! Originating in southern Mexico, sweetcorn is one of the world’s most widely distributed plants, so you’ll have no problem tracking it down in your local supermarket! There can be a starchiness flavour to the corn when it’s raw, but when it is cooked, it becomes increasingly sweet and buttery.

    Wing KIngz Nachos

    Sauces And Condiments

    No nachos are complete without sauce! While many add dips on the side, we much prefer loading our nachos with flavoursome goodness. Try a few (or all!) of these sauces, and your nachos are guaranteed 10/10 stars all round!

    • Queso: This Mexican melted cheese sauce is a must-have on your nachos. Add a touch of green onions, garlic and roasted jalapeños, and you’re onto a winner! Check out this recipe by Cafe Delites for the ultimate queso.
    • Hot Sauce: A lover of heat? Then you absolutely must finish your nachos with a drizzle of hot sauce. Add your favourite hot sauce from the bottle, or add a kick to your salsa.
    • Salsa: Speaking of salsa, what would nachos be without this tangy tomato addition? Pick up a pre-made salsa from your local supermarket or make your own by combining tomatoes with onions, jalapeños, garlic, herbs and a touch of sugar.
    • Sour Cream: Sour cream is great for adding a creamy twist to your rich (and perhaps spicy) nacho flavours. It perfectly complements all meat-based and vegetarian toppings, so you can’t really go wrong!
    • Avocado And Guacamole: Last, but most definitely not least, is avocado or guacamole! You can either add texture with diced avocado or go traditional with smooth guacamole, which is surprisingly simple to make from home using this recipe by BBC Good Food.

    The Best Toppings For The Tastiest Nachos!

    We’re sure that, by now, you’re brimming with ideas and ready to head into the kitchen to begin preparing. Whether you’re a meat eater or looking for veggie alternatives, it couldn’t be easier to tailor your nacho toppings to your taste buds.

    We must admit, nachos are definitely one of our crowd favourites. So, if your stomach is rumbling and you simply cannot wait to get stuck in, why not head down to our restaurant in Milton Keynes?