If you’re a lover of chicken wings, you’re certainly not alone! The popular dish is a go-to for many people when it comes to summer BBQs, parties and watching the game with mates – and it’s not hard to understand why. We find it hard to believe that any other food could offer such a perfect combination of tender, juicy, crispy and flavoursome!

Here at Wing Kingz, delicious chicken wings are our biggest passion, which is why we want to share our favourite four types with you, as well as show you how you can make them yourselves at home! You can also pay us a visit at our restaurant and sports bar in Milton Keynes to try our version of each of these four types of chicken wings. Trust us; they won’t disappoint!

Your Guide To The Different Types Of Chicken Wings

Bone or boneless? Meat or meatless? Whatever your preference may be, there’s a chicken wing recipe out there that you’ll love. For those who fancy themselves as a top chef, we’ve popped in a quick and easy video tutorial for each of our favourite wing types.

But, if things don’t go quite as well as you’d hoped in the kitchen or you’d rather let the professionals take care of the cooking, you can always come on down to our restaurant, whether you dine-in or take advantage of our popular takeaway in Milton Keynes. Either way, prepare for your tastebuds to be blown away!

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these lip-smacking wing options:

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    Buttermilk Deep-Fried Chicken Wings

    It’s impossible to beat buttermilk deep-fried chicken wings! They’re crispy, tender and delicious and couldn’t be easier to make. The acidity of the buttermilk helps break down the chicken meat to the perfect tenderness, as well as keep it deliciously moist. Why not serve this guaranteed crowd-pleaser the next time you have guests round?

    This recipe involves creating a marinade from buttermilk, seasoning, and spices and leaving the uncooked wings to sit in this mixture. Marinating the chicken like this gives it a wonderfully juicy tenderness and flavoursome taste throughout. The marinade also helps the coating stick to the wings, maximising that crispy goodness! The coated wings are deep-fried until they are a perfect golden brown colour, at which point they are ready to serve.

    These buttermilk deep-fried chicken wings go beautifully with ranch dressing, English mustard, or buffalo sauce. If you want to try our take on buttermilk fried wings, why not come on down to our restaurant and sports bar in Milton Keynes? We recommend giving our zingy chipotle flavour a go to add a tastebud-tantalising kick to our juicy buttermilk wings. If you’re feeling brave, why not see how much heat you can handle with our selection of buffalo sauces, which range from mild to extra hot (not for the faint-hearted!)?

    Watch the video below for the full recipe for buttermilk deep-fried chicken wings:

    Grilled Chicken Wings

    Grilled chicken wings are the perfect dish to cook on the BBQ on a hot summer day and enjoy with friends and family. We’re going to share our favourite way to make them with you – it’s so simple that anyone could do it, no cooking skills required!

    This method starts off with making the dredge, which is used to lightly coat the chicken before cooking. To do this, you will mix an array of powdered ingredients, including flour, spices and seasonings, which will give the meat its flavour and help create that crispy exterior. The wings are coated in the dredge before being placed on a pre-lit grill. This is where the secret to achieving that amazing smokey BBQ flavour comes in: placing a small chunk of hickory wood amongst the charcoal will infuse the chicken with an irresistible, sweet smokiness.

    The raspberry chipotle dipping sauce that accompanies these wings is to die for! It is extremely simple to make, requiring only a few ingredients that you may even already have in your cupboard, combining sweet and spicy flavours to beautifully compliment the crispy grilled chicken wings. Why not give it a go?

    If you’re looking for restaurants in Milton Keynes to try out and like the sound of some smokey grilled chicken wings, why not come on down to Wing Kingz and give our version a try with some zesty lemon and pepper flavouring? You won’t regret it, we promise!

    This video will guide you through the recipe for the perfect grilled chicken wings with a raspberry chipotle dipping sauce:

    Boneless Chicken Wings

    If you prefer your chicken without the bone but love eating it wing-style, you have to try this amazing boneless buffalo chicken wing recipe. It cleverly uses chicken breast to recreate the style of traditional wings without the bone for a lighter, less messy eating experience. Boneless wings make an excellent, kid-friendly meal that the whole family can enjoy and are insanely easy to make!

    The chicken breast is marinated in a seasoned sauce to allow the flavours to really soak in and recreate the tenderness of traditional wings before being battered with an egg wash and flour mix and deep-fried. The cooked ‘wings’ are then generously smothered in a sauce of your choice, whether that be honey garlic, buffalo, honey BBQ or something else! If you’re going all out or having guests round, why not make all three?

    If you’d rather leave the making of the wings and condiments to the professionals, why not come down to our restaurant and sports bar in Milton Keynes? Sit back, relax and watch the game with your mates, a pint in your hand and the most delicious wings on your plate. Sound like heaven? We thought so!

    To make these boneless chicken wings with three different sauces, watch the video below:

    Vegan Chicken Wings

    Whether you follow a plant-based diet all the time or would like to try your hand at making more meatless dishes, vegan chicken wings are a great place to start! This vegan chicken wing recipe is sure to blow you away. To replace chicken meat, it uses jackfruit, a large fruit originating from India, known for its ability to mimic the texture of meat when cooked. Seasoned mock chicken broth and liquid smoke give this dish that signature meaty flavour we all know and love, all without a trace of meat in sight!

    One of the best things about this recipe is that it beautifully replicates the crispy skin you’d find on actual chicken meat. This is achieved through the use of rice paper, which is wrapped around the seasoned jackfruit ‘meat’. If you are somebody who enjoys eating your wings off the bone, you can include a bamboo spoon in the wing to create the full chicken wing eating experience.

    The sauce used to coat these wings is insanely simple with only two ingredients: barbeque sauce and hot sauce. Once smothered in sauce, the wings are coated with a dry rub before cooking. They can be cooked in an air fryer or battered and deep-fried, depending on your preferences. The results of this recipe will have you in complete disbelief that there’s not a hint of chicken involved! These 100% vegan chicken wings look, smell and taste like chicken, right down to the skin. Don’t believe us? Give this recipe a try for yourself!

    Alternatively, if you don’t feel like cooking and are on the lookout for a takeaway in Milton Keynes, why not give our vegan wings a go? Whether you’re a lemon and pepper kind of person or prefer more of a kick in your meals, we’ve got something you’ll love!

    Check out the video below for instructions on how to make these amazingly realistic vegan chicken wings:

    Chicken Wings You Can’t Refuse

    Hungry yet? We hope that these four delicious chicken wing recipes have sparked some culinary inspiration, whether you’re a lover of tender, juicy chicken, a grill enthusiast or prefer your wings meatless. If you’re looking for more inspiration for sauces to go alongside your wings, why not check out our previous article for eleven different delicious recipes?

    If getting busy in the kitchen isn’t your cup of tea, please feel free to pay us a visit at our restaurant and sports bar in Milton Keynes. Our menu is perfect for wing-lovers, offering all four kinds discussed in this article with seven different flavour options of varying heat levels. Not only this, but it also contains a mouth-watering selection of burgers, wraps and more! What more could you want?