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Our team has over 10 years of experience running award-winning businesses, have a track record for success in hospitality and entertainment, and love being able to socialise with other wing loving enthusiasts. After lots of planning and preparation, we decided that it was about time that others enjoyed the taste and social atmosphere that we love so much.

So, with a drive to offer top-quality experiences and fuel our hunger for the best-of-the-best chicken wings, we founded Wing Kingz to provide the best of both worlds; a full belly and a place to relax while watching your favourite games live.

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The Wing Kingz Experience

Taking inspiration from American wing diners, Wing Kingz is here to be at the heart of socialising for lovers of live sports, the best finger food and an unbeatable atmosphere. When visiting Wing Kingz, you can enjoy a relaxed, family-friendly social hub that brings people together over a love of sports, beer and wings!

You can find a host of delicious and customisable snacks and dishes packed with flavour and quality like no other. Try out our subtle and tasty mild wings, or dive into the hottest of the hot dishes to challenge those tastebuds – the choice is yours!

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Passionate about providing the best experiences time and time again and a belly full of the tastiest diner food, including chicken wings and burgers.

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