If you’re anything like us, there’s nothing more enjoyable in the summer than tucking into a plate of flavoursome wings accompanied by a cool, refreshing cocktail. That’s why we’ve decided to share with you some of our favourite cocktail recipes that you can make yourself from the comfort of your home and enjoy alongside a tastebud-tantalising takeaway from our restaurant and sports bar in Milton Keynes. Whether you like your drinks sweet, sour, silky or sparkling, we’ve got you covered with these must-try summer cocktails!

Fun Summer Cocktails To Enjoy With Friends

Whatever your alcohol of choice is, be it anything from champagne to tequila, there’s a cocktail recipe that beautifully incorporates it with the flavours of summer, from fruity to minty to coconutty, for the perfect refreshment to enjoy in the warm weather. Check out the recipes below to find out how to make your dream summer cocktail yourself!

But, if you’d rather leave the cocktail concocting to the professionals and are looking for restaurants in Milton Keynes to check out, come on down to Wing Kingz and test out our menu. Our selection of summery cocktails beautifully compliments our irresistible flavoured wings, creating the perfect summer duo. Don’t be shy; give them a try!

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    Champagne Summer Cocktail Recipe

    If champagne is your drink of choice, these classy champagne summer cocktail recipes are perfect for you! These four recipes are elegant, sweet and delicious… well, at least the first three are!

    The French 75

    This wonderfully sublime cocktail is perfect for the lemon lovers out there. You can make this delicious drink yourself at home with little effort. You’ll only need four basic ingredients: gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and, of course, the champagne of your choice! Originally this recipe was made with cognac rather than gin, but we’ll leave that up to you. Both blissfully refreshing and sophisticated when served in a wine glass with ice, leave the lemonade for the kids and treat yourself to a French 75 instead!

    Wing Pairing: Boneless Zingy Chipotle

    The Chambord Royale

    Berries, honey, citrus and vanilla – could you possibly think of a more deliciously summery combination? The Chambord Royale calls for cognac, red and black raspberries, Madagascan vanilla, honey and lemon, which are combined with champagne and the star of the show, Chambord liqueur, a French alcohol with a gorgeous black raspberry flavour. Alternatively, you can use creme de cassis if you would prefer a blackcurrant flavour to your drink.

    Wing Pairing: Grilled Lemon & Pepper
    Chambord Cocktail

    The Classic Champagne Cocktail

    If you’re a fan of tradition, this classic champagne cocktail is for you! It has been enjoyed for centuries, making it one of the oldest cocktails known! To recreate this drink at home, you will simply need to combine a single sugar cube with aromatic bitters and your chosen champagne. Not only is this exquisite cocktail extremely straightforward to make, but it also tastes delightful. Try it for yourself!

    Wing Pairing: Boneless Lemon & Pepper

    The Black Velvet

    Proceed with caution! This drink isn’t for the faint-hearted. Originally invented to mourn the death of Prince Albert, it combines just two ingredients: champagne and Guinness. Yep, that’s right! While this cocktail certainly isn’t for everyone, it couldn’t be simpler to make, so why not give it a go?

    Wing Pairing: Grilled Buffalo Emperor

    Summer Tequila Cocktail Recipe

    Tequila sunrise? Been there, done that! Delicious as it may be, we think it’s time for something new. If you’re ready to switch things up, we present to you: the tequila sunset!

    The Tequila Sunset

    Fruity and refreshing, the tequila sunset is the perfect poolside drink. While the predominant flavour of the tequila sunrise is orange, the star ingredient of the tequila sunset is sweet and smooth mango puree, which is combined with orange juice, lime juice, Cointreau (a French orange liqueur), agave syrup and, of course, tequila. You will need a cocktail shaker to make this recipe, so be prepared for a quick kitchen workout! Serve this cocktail with ice and – if you’re feeling fancy – an elegant garnish, and enjoy.

    Wing Pairing: Grilled Mango Habanero

    Summer Pimm’s Cocktail Recipe

    Pimm’s is an iconically English gin-based liqueur which is often used as a base for punch or a fruit cup. It is fruity and sweet, with hints of herbs and warm spices and a bitter finishing note. There’s nothing more refreshing than this summer Pimm’s cocktail recipe; you’ve got to try it, English or not!

    The Pimm’s Cup

    This classic and sophisticated English cocktail is typically enjoyed in the summer at both fancy and more relaxed events, from tennis tournaments to barbeques. It is incredibly simple to make, consisting of just three ingredients: Pimm’s, soda and chopped seasonal fruits. You choose from a range of sodas when making this drink, including sparkling lemonade, ginger beer, or lemon and lime. Your soda of choice will be mixed with the Pimm’s liqueur and served in a container – be it a glass, jug, or punch bowl – with the chopped fruits, which typically include strawberries, cucumbers, apples and oranges. To finish it off, mint sprigs and ice are added, making this drink extra refreshing!

    Wing Pairing: Boneless Smoky BBQ

    Bourbon Cocktail Recipe For Summer

    If you’re searching for bourbon cocktail recipes for summer, you’ll love this one! Not only does it look incredible with its vibrant red colour, but it’s also amazingly refreshing and fun to make. Check it out:

    The Cherry Bourbon Smash

    This elegant cocktail is truly irresistible, whether you’re a whiskey lover or not! To make it, you will need to combine bourbon, cherries, mint syrup and lemon juice before mushing all the ingredients together and shaking things up in a cocktail shaker. The liquid is strained and served with club soda, creating a gorgeously cherry-lemon-mint flavoured boozy refreshment. If you’re feeling keen, you can make the mint syrup yourself with fresh mint leaves!

    Wing Pairing: Grilled Buffalo Prince

    Summer Cocktail Recipes With Vodka

    You can’t beat a vodka cocktail, and these easy recipes prove it! Fruity, refreshing and boozy, there’s no better way to celebrate the summer and cool down in the warm weather than by whipping up one, two or even all of these recipes.

    The Screwdriver

    This classic highball cocktail is ridiculously easy to make and equally tasty! It combines just two ingredients: vodka and orange juice. It is typically served in a tall glass with ice and an orange wedge garnish if you’re feeling fancy. This drink is the perfect refreshment to whip up for an impromptu summer barbeque with friends since there’s a good chance you already have the ingredients needed in your kitchen!

    Wing Pairing: Buttermilk Fried Zingy Chipotle

    The Greyhound

    If you’re a grapefruit fan, this one’s for you! To make this cocktail, you will need a citrus juicer to make your very own freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice, which will be combined with ice and vodka in a glass. This drink is elegantly finished with a fragrant sprig of rosemary, and voila!

    Wing Pairing: Grilled Lemon & Pepper
    Greyhound Vodka Cocktail

    The Moscow Mule

    The Moscow Mule is wonderfully tangy, combining spicy ginger beer, vodka, ice and lime juice. Add some flair to this refreshing and flavoursome cocktail by serving it with a lime wheel and a mint sprig as garnishes. Traditionally, this drink is served in a copper mug, which will both insulate and take on the cool temperature of your drink, which is blissfully soothing on a hot summer’s day. Just ensure that the inside and lip of your copper mug are plated with nickel or stainless steel. We love these copper-coloured stainless steel mugs!

    Wing Pairing: Boneless Garlic Parmesan

    The Madras

    This popular fruity highball cocktail is perfect for summer, from its vibrant red colour to its sweet and tangy flavour. Consisting of just vodka, cranberry juice and orange juice, the Madras is proof that less is more. Serve this drink in a tall glass with ice and an orange peel garnish. For a tutorial on creating citrus garnishes, check out The Spruce Eats!

    Wing Pairing: Buttermilk Fried Zingy Chipotle

    Wing Kingz Martinis

    We offer two deliciously summery vodka cocktails at our restaurant and sports bar in Milton Keynes. The decadent Pick-Me-Up Martini combines vodka with silky coffee liqueur and a touch of vanilla – it’s truly heavenly! Meanwhile, the Queenz Star Martini beautifully pairs vanilla vodka with a punchy passionfruit liqueur, making it the ultimate tropical summer cocktail. Why not come on over to Wing Kingz to give them a try?

    Summer Cocktail Recipe With Rum

    When it comes to summer cocktail recipes with rum, you can’t go wrong with anything containing fresh lime juice. Rum and lime go together like peas in a pod, and we have just the recipe to prove it!

    The Daiquiri

    This classic cocktail is unbelievably simple yet perfectly sweet and full of delicate flavour. To make it, you will need to combine Bacardi Carta Blanca white rum with lime juice and sugar syrup. To add a flair of elegance, why not serve this cocktail chilled in a coupe glass with a lime wheel garnish?

    Wing Pairing: Grilled Buffalo Prince

    Wing Kingz Rum Cocktails

    Here at Wing Kingz, we offer a trio of rum-tastic summer cocktails. You can’t beat our classic Cuban Mojito, which contains a refreshing mix of rum, lime and mint. Our Caribbean-inspired Rum Punch combines overproof rum with lime and pineapple juice, topped off with blissfully sweet strawberry syrup. Finally, our Summer Sling is wonderfully fruity and sweet, containing fresh strawberries alongside rum and lime. Tempted yet? If you’re searching for restaurants in Milton Keynes this summer, why not pay us a visit at Wing Kingz? You won’t be disappointed!

    Low Cal Summer Cocktail Recipe

    If you’re watching your calorie intake this summer, don’t worry! You can still join in on the fun with this low calorie, fresh and fruity cocktail recipe.

    The Blueberry Spritzer

    This light, berry-licious cocktail is truly exquisite and packed with antioxidants, making it perfect for those who are looking to make more healthy lifestyle choices. It combines sparkling wine, lime juice, blueberry juice and a dash of sugar syrup for that irresistible kick of sweetness. Serve with mint and fresh blueberries, and you’re set for the summer!

    Wing Pairing: Vegan Lemon & Pepper

    Gin Cocktails For Summer

    At our restaurants in Milton Keynes, we offer an array of cocktails that are perfect for those who adore all things gin.

    Why not enjoy our Gintastic cocktail? A cucumber and elderflower collins which combines gin and sparkling soda for a delicate, floral and refreshing creation. Or, for a sweet treat, our Sir Berry Bramble offers the perfect fruity combination of FAIR’s Acai Berry Liqueur mixed with gin and lemon.

    If you’re looking to create some at home, then we have got you covered; why not make:


    A classic, much-loved cocktail that has stood the test of time and pleased so many, this cocktail is so easy to make and only includes three ingredients! These include classic dry gin, sweet vermouth (the red kind) and Campari.

    This cocktail is best served on the rocks, limiting the hassle or difficulty of assembling; perfect for those who do not like to mess around and enjoy the traditional!

    Wing Pairing: Buttermilk Garlic Parmesan

    The Bramble

    This cocktail is one of the most famous of the modern era; its sweet yet slightly bitter taste makes it different from the rest. And even better, it only involves a few staple ingredients – gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and a blackberry liqueur such as Crème de Cassis.

    If making this at home, use a cocktail shaker for optimum results. Simply add ice, gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup and shake this until it is all well-chilled, then fill a glass with more ice and pour this mixture on top. Lastly, drizzle the blackberry liqueur on top so it ‘bleeds’ down into the cocktail and injects it with its tempting tastebud flavour.

    Wing Pairing: Grilled Smoky BBQ

    Summer Rosé Cocktail Recipe

    Rosé is one of the most favourable and versatile alcohol options available; you can incorporate it into many different cocktails while also enjoying it chilled on its own. But hands down, our favourite cocktail is:

    Rosé Sangria

    Please your guests during summer with this versatile, fruity cocktail that includes everyone’s favourite chilled rosé wine, Pamplemousse liqueur, fruit such as raspberries and strawberries, lemon slices and chilled sparkling soda.

    Combine all the ingredients and stir well; chill this mixture for up to 4 hours for the best outcome and then serve in glasses. You can even try heating up the berries with sugar and pressing them into a liquid to create a berry syrup! Top with the soda, and you’re good to go; a flawless, fabulous drink excellent for you and your guests to enjoy!

    Wing Pairing: Boneless Lemon & Pepper

    Summer Punch Cocktail Recipe

    Nothing says summer quite like a chilled jug of punch served alongside fresh-of-the-BBQ burgers, wings and more. The beauty of summer punch? It couldn’t be easier to tailor to your tastebuds, infusing your alcohol of choice with fresh, fruity flavours. If you’re short for inspiration, try giving this easy recipe a go:

    Citrus Summer Punch

    This simple, summery and citrusy drink throws together all of the best tastes to create a blissful heaven which will leave you happily sighing with every sip! Combine apple juice, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice and champagne, and garnish with some lemon slices and mint leaves. Leave the jug on a table surrounded by friends and family and let them pour the drinks themselves for an extra relaxing atmosphere and easy hosting!

    Wing Pairing: Buttermilk Mango Habanero

    Lemon Punch

    Refreshing Summer Cocktail Recipes

    With these recipes under your belt, you’re all set for summer! Whether you love a citrusy alcoholic beverage or prefer boozy berry flavours, you’re bound to find your dream summer cocktail in one of these recipes. For the ultimate summer experience, we recommend enjoying your cocktails (responsibly!) with some juicy and flavoursome wings.

    At Wing Kingz, you can choose from our four styles of wings and our seven tastebud-teasing flavours to create your perfect wing. Why not get a takeaway in Milton Keynes, and enjoy your homemade cocktails and wings in the sunshine, or and contact us if you want to book a table at our sports bar in Milton Keynes!? Check out our previous article if you’re thinking about whipping up your own wing sauce and need some inspiration!