We are delighted to open our doors to the general public and welcome all chicken wing lovers to test their heat tolerance with some flavoursome and hot wings. We can’t wait for you to enjoy the ultimate flavour combinations of our food and experience our new restaurant grill and sports bar.

Our new restaurant is situated in the Xscape MK; if you’re travelling far or know the local area, find us at 602 Marlborough Gate, Xscape, Milton Keynes MK9 3XA.
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Bet You Can’t Wait To Taste Our Wings

Wing Kingz is our name, and you can expect nothing but royalty when dining with us. With seven flavours of wings and four different wing types, you can choose to go for five wings or opt for our XXL option of 25. And if you really feel up to the challenge, try our Kingz Roulette to see how hot things can get.

Our menu options also offer tantalisingly tasty wrap and burger selections, and our sides are to die for. You can also browse our freshly prepared sauces, all of which can be perfectly matched with any dish on the menu.

To find out more about our menu choices, check out the links below:

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It’s Not All About The Food Ya Know

Did you really think we would stop at the food? While enjoying your food, watch your sporting heroes on 20 screens strategically positioned for optimal watching. Whether you’re at the bar or chilling in a booth, you’ll have the perfect view! You can watch your favourite legends in action daily, with each screen playing premier league or champions league football, Wimbledon, BNA, UFC, NGL, LaLiga and more!

On days of big sporting events such as the Champions League final or Superbowl, you can book a table and order some wings for the perfect ambience.

Get Booking!

If your mates are unpredictable and taking hours to get ready, then not to worry, walk-on in and grab a seat! Or do you know what time you fancy some wings? If you’re popping in for lunch or want some wing action before heading to the movies, then why not book today using our booking form?