Who doesn’t love burgers? Whether you’re a fan of the classic beef burger or would prefer a chicken or veggie patty, this versatile dish can be tailored to anyone’s taste. Burger toppings also enable you to get endlessly creative in constructing the perfect combination of textures and flavours, from gooey cheese and caramelised onion to crunchy lettuce and tangy ketchup. In honour of National Burger Day, we thought we’d put together this guide to making delicious burgers, regardless of your patty preference and favourite toppings. Get ready for our game-changing homemade burgers recipes!

Homemade Burgers Recipes You’ve Got To Try

At our restaurant and sports bar in Milton Keynes, we offer eight delicious burger options, all of which are carefully designed to provide the ultimate tasting experience. If you’re a true burger fan, you simply must come on down to Wing Kingz to give them a try! In the meantime, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite burger recipes that you can try your hand at making yourself.

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    Meat Burger Recipes

    The beef burger is the classic form of this delicious dish, and you can never go wrong with a classic! However, we thought we’d share our favourite meat burger recipes to up your culinary game and shake up your meals. The first recipe will show you how to make the perfect patty, while the second will provide you with all you need to know to make the best sauce for your burgers! Put them together, and you’ll be well on your way to burger heaven.

    1. The Perfect Beef Patty

    When it comes to cooking, investing in high-quality ingredients and taking the time to do things properly will pay off with a difference that you can taste! This beef patty is a perfect example of this. In order to make it, you will need to use high-quality mince meat. You will need to combine 750g of this with ten crushed cloves of garlic. While this may sound like a lot of garlic, don’t be alarmed! We promise that the flavour you will achieve with these burgers is well worth it. Finely chopped white onion, cajun seasoning, paprika, mixed herbs and a few other seasonings are added to the mix to build the perfect burger flavour. Breadcrumbs are also added to the mixture to improve its texture.

    Once all of your ingredients have been added, you will mix them all together before moulding the mixture into burger shapes. This recipe suggests doing so with a round, clingfilm-covered container lid in order to produce a nice, even shape. Your burgers will then be ready for cooking in the oven on a greaseproof paper-lined baking tray.

    2. The Best Burger Sauce

    This simple burger sauce recipe could not be easier to make- you probably have most if not all of the ingredients needed already in your cupboards! All you’ll need to do is mix together mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard sauce, buffalo sauce, fresh lemon juice and a few seasonings to produce a deliciously flavour-packed homemade burger sauce that’ll wow everyone. Make sure that you serve it alongside your homemade beef burgers for an unbeatable dish to see you through the summer!

    3. Wing Kingz Beef Burgers

    We offer four tasty beef burger options at our restaurants in Milton Keynes, from the simplistic ‘Queen Bee’ consisting of a beef patty topped with caramelised onions, gherkins and red onions to the decadent ‘High & Mighty’ which is composed of two beef patties, double cheese, onion rings, gherkins, and burger relish. Whichever option you choose, we hope to see you soon!

    Beef Burger

    4. The Juicy Turkey Burger

    This turkey burger recipe is easy to prepare and will result in super-juicy patties that are a little lighter than traditional beef ones- perfect for a light lunch on a hot summer day! To start with, you will need to chop up some fresh garlic cloves, as well as some fresh parsley, which will add both flavour and a lovely pop of colour. In a separate bowl, you will combine ground turkey meat with breadcrumbs and an egg, which will help to bind all of your ingredients together. Salt, black pepper, onion powder and Worcester sauce provide flavour to the patty mixture, as well as the chopped garlic and parsley that you prepared earlier.

    Using wet hands, you will shape your turkey mixture into round patties, ready to be cooked. Heat up a small amount of oil in a frying pan before placing your burgers inside it and covering it with a lid. Your burgers should be cooked and ready to eat in about four to five minutes, though this may vary depending on how thick they are. Don’t forget to flip them halfway through! If you are planning on eating your burgers with cheese, add a slice on top once you’ve flipped them over to achieve the perfect melt.

    5. The Leftover Turkey Burger

    As much as we all love turkey for a roast or at Christmas dinner, eating the leftovers the next day isn’t the most pleasant experience: by that point, the meat has normally dried out and lost its flavour. Not to worry, this incredible leftover turkey burger recipe solves this issue! To make it, you will first need to shred your remaining turkey and combine it with your leftover stuffing, which plays the same role that breadcrumbs usually would in a traditional burger recipe. Next, you will add eggs and plenty of seasoning of your choice before shaping your patties.

    Naturally, your leftover cranberry sauce will need to be used up; why not put it to good use by making a cranberry aioli to go with your leftover turkey burgers? To make this, combine your remaining cranberry sauce with mayonnaise and Thai red curry paste using a handheld blender. To assemble your burgers, cook your turkey patties and toast your burger buns before spreading a layer of your cranberry aioli over one side. Top this with fresh lettuce, tomato, red onion and, of course, your turkey burger patty, which you may choose to top with cheese. Enjoy!

    6. Tasty Chicken Burger Patties

    These chicken burger patties are juicy, delicious, and the perfect thing to serve for family dinners since they are kid-friendly. To make them, you will need to start by caramelising some onion pieces and adding them alongside bread, parsley, and some seasonings to a food processor and blending everything together. This mix is then combined with minced chicken meat, egg and olive oil. We recommend leaving the resulting chicken patty mix to marinate in the fridge for up to two days to allow the flavour to develop. After this time, shape the mixture into patties.

    Cook your chicken burger patties by shallow frying them in a frying pan with a small amount of oil. Use medium heat and cook your patties for three to four minutes on each side before plating them. Whether you choose to serve these patties over a wholegrain salad or in a burger bun, they’re sure to go down a treat!

    7. The Crispy Chicken Burger

    This amazing crispy chicken burger recipe is unbelievably delicious! To make it, you will first need to create your marinade by combining buttermilk, sriracha, smoked paprika, onion powder and garlic powder. These ingredients will give your dish a rich, irresistible flavour. Marinate some chicken thighs in the mixture for up to two days to tenderise them and infuse them with the delicious flavours of your marinade. Create your coating by whisking together flour, smoked paprika, onion powder, garlic powder and celery salt. Dredge your chicken thighs in this mix to coat them before deep frying them in a pan of heated oil.

    The result of this recipe will be deliciously moist, golden-brown and crispy chicken thighs that are ready to place between burger buns alongside a few toppings to create the ultimate culinary experience. This recipe also shows you how to make a tangy homemade mayo to go with your crispy chicken burger- you simply must try this combination!

    8. Wing Kingz Chicken Burgers

    When you pay us a visit at Wing Kingz, you will be able to choose between four different chicken burgers, all of them equally juicy and delicious. Our Fried Chicken Royale stars buttermilk fried chicken breast, which is paired with Monterey Jack cheese and buffalo sauce, while the Chargrilled Chicken burger consists of chargrilled chicken breast, avocado, house slaw, and mustard mayo. Additionally, the El Nacho burger consists of a crispy Southern fried chicken burger topped with your favourite nacho toppings: tortillas, jalapenos, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and cheese!

    Chicken Burger

    9. Gourmet Lamb Burger

    To make these juicy gourmet lamb burgers, you will need to combine minced lamb meat with onion, paprika, turmeric, sumac, fresh mint and, of course, salt and pepper. Leave this mixture to sit in the fridge for an hour before dividing it into round patties that are approximately the same size as the bread buns you’re going to use. Depending on how thick your patties are, they will need two to three minutes per side to cook on the grill. You will know that your patties are ready to flip once they are browned around the sides.

    Start to assemble your lamb burger by spreading hummus over the inside of both buns and topping the bottom one with lettuce before placing your patty. You can then layer sliced tomatoes, red onion and Monterey Jack cheese over your patty according to your preferences- and voila!

    10. Spicy Cumin Lamb Burger

    This incredible spicy cumin lamb burger recipe shows you how to make this dish entirely from scratch, including the bread buns- though, of course, you can always buy these from the supermarket if you prefer! To make the lamb filling, you will need to remove the bones from some lamb shoulder chops before chopping the meat. Next, the pieces of lamb will be coated in cornstarch, which will help them to brown during cooking. Chop a scallion, red onion, chilli pepper, garlic cloves and ginger, ready to pan fry with the lamb alongside freshly ground cumin seeds and chilli flakes.

    Once your lamb filling is cooked, you are ready to assemble your burgers. If you would like to crisp up your bread buns, you can always toast them a little before adding the burger filling, as well as some pickled onions and fresh cilantro for the ultimate tasting experience, as well as to add a nice pop of colour.

    11. Pork Burger Recipe

    Get ready to treat your taste buds to a fantastic flavour party with our mouthwatering caramelised pear and seasoned pork burger, topped with some tangy melted blue cheese and fresh rocket. Combining sweet, savoury, and downright deliciousness, we guarantee your mouth will be left watering after this gorgeous recipe. Cook the thinly sliced pears until they go oozy, brown and caramelised, then focus on cooking your salt and pepper seasoned pork patty until it is crispy and golden. In the same pan, crumble some gorgonzola cheese next to the cooking burger and once melted, flip the burger onto it. When assembling, stack your burger, pear and salad on top of one another until desired height and amount, then pop the lid on squash down and enjoy!

    12. Fish Burger Recipe

    Picture this: tender, flaky fish in a crispy golden batter combined with crunchy fresh salad leaves and a zesty lemon, garlic mayo sauce. This recipe is bound to leave you dumbfounded; how can something be so healthy yet so easy and tasty? First, fry your breadcrumb-coated white fish to finish the cooking process in the oven until it is cooked through and golden. Whilst that is cooking, prepare your gorgeous sauce by combining mayo, lemon juice, minced garlic and chopped chives. Once the fish is cooked, assemble the burger by topping off your brioche bun with some fresh lettuce or salad leaves, the burger patty and then a ton of that oozy tangy sauce and there you have it, a light, healthy meal that will be wandering your mind for days to come.

    13. Smashed Burger Recipe

    Take a look at this gorgeous smash burger recipe for a trendy, smoky, tantalising burger that completely twists what we typically call a burger. By smashing your burger patty, you will end up with a crispy, caramelised, and succulent burger balanced out with a typical tangy burger sauce that complements the smokiness of the patty and creamy plastic American cheese. On top of this, you can add whichever toppings you desire, whether you want some shredded iceberg lettuce, sweet tomatoes or salty sliced pickles. Squash your burger down after assembling this even further down for the whole treat!

    Veggie Burger Recipes

    There’s no reason why plant-based food fans should miss out on delicious burgers. There is certainly a burger out there that’s perfect for you vegetarians! To get you started, why not try one of these tasty veggie burgers?

    14. Tasty Plant-Based Burger

    If you’re searching for veggie burger recipes that aren’t bland or soggy, look no further than this tasty plant-based dish. This clever vegan-friendly burger recipe uses lentils, beans, mushrooms, oats, chickpeas, beetroot, and plenty of seasonings to create a flavoursome and juicy patty that is packed with nutrients. These ingredients are blended together, shaped into patties, and cooked. The patty is assembled into a burger alongside a plant-based mayo, lettuce, dill pickle, charred tomatoes and a vegan cheese sauce. Whether you’re veggie or not, you’re certain to crave more after tasting this culinary concoction! You simply won’t believe that it’s 100% meat-free and packed with a tonne of different vegetables and legumes. If you don’t believe us, why not give it a go?

    15. Halloumi Burger Recipe

    For a vegetarian burger that has the same juiciness and tender texture as a meat burger, have a go at making this crispy, golden halloumi burger, topped with a sweet sticky chilli sauce! Just fry off your semolina-coated halloumi slices until they become a gorgeous golden brown, then once assembled, top off with your sticky sauce that consists of ground ginger, honey, brown sugar, soy sauce and sriracha. You can add in whichever toppings you desire; we love adding either lettuce, spinach or rocket as a healthy addition, fried earthy mushrooms and some sliced red onions for a slight crunch. There you have it, a meat-free burger that you can indulge in and let satisfy your cravings.

    16. Mushroom Burger Recipe

    Introducing this Korean-style vegetarian mushroom burger that is simply irresistible. Each mushroom is blanketed in an apple and soy sauce glaze and topped with tangy sriracha mayo, crisp lettuce, traditional kimchi, vegan cheese, and fresh coriander with spring onions; it’s a flavour symphony. The mushrooms become meaty and tender after being cooked and coated, making them the perfect substitute for actual meat patties; the harmonious blend of sweet, sticky and tangy elevates this burger to perfection and gives you an all-around perfected and mouthwatering burger.

    Vegan Burger Recipes

    Step into the world of plant-based deliciousness with our collection of vegan burger recipes. From savoury patties to creative toppings, these recipes prove that burgers can be both satisfying and cruelty-free. Get ready to reimagine classic burgers and add a vegan twist, resulting in burgers that are as tasty as they are easy to make.

    17. Vegan Mayo Recipes

    Delicious mayo is a must when it comes to assembling a juicy burger. These three vegan mayo recipes prove that plant-based food doesn’t have to be boring! From a tangy garlic & herb mayo to a 100% bacon-free bacon-aise, spruce up your burger game with these fun flavoursome recipes. Alternatively, you can always pop over to your nearest supermarket to buy some vegan mayonnaise to go with your plant-based burgers!

    18. Wing Kingz Vegan Burger

    At Wing Kingz, we offer a delicious vegan burger, the ‘Regal Vegan’, which consists of a plant-based patty, grilled mushrooms, vegan cheese, vegan pesto, and vegan mayo. Why not give it a try? We can guarantee that you’ll be shocked that it’s completely free from meat, eggs and dairy! We’ll be more than happy to see you over at our sports bar in Milton Keynes, though you are also free to order your food for takeaway in Milton Keynes and enjoy it from the comfort of your home!

    Vegan Burger

    19. Tofu Burger Recipe

    Tofu is a tasty, healthy and versatile substitute for meat that gives you similar juiciness and texture that meat does in a burger, making it a brilliant choice for both your tastebuds and well-being. Fried alongside some aromatic rosemary and topped with luscious homemade yet no-sugar ketchup sauce with any cheese; you choose! Serve alongside your favourite crunchy veg to marry the textures and add that perfect crunch to every bite, making each mouthful a satisfying journey. So, why wait? Our healthy, vegan burger recipe is ready for you to try.

    The Best Burger Recipes

    Hopefully, our tasty burger recipes have provided you with plenty of culinary inspiration for your next kitchen concoction. Whatever your patty preference is, there’s sure to be a burger dish out there that you’ll absolutely love. If you’d rather leave the burger making to the professionals, you can always come on down to Wing Kingz to sample our selection of delicious burgers. If you’d rather stay home for a relaxing night in, feel free to order your food for takeaway in Milton Keynes and enjoy it with friends in front of a good movie!

    Every burger needs its fries, so if you’re looking for delicious recipes for loaded fries to make alongside your burgers, why not take a look at our previous article for some inspiration?