It’s time to spice up your life and fan those flames of hunger with a sprinkle (or explosion) of heat. Of course, we all know that a spicy life can come with an unexpected after party, but the big question is, is spicy food good for you?

There are so many ways you can enjoy spicy food, and adding some into your diet comes with an abundance of benefits, including gloating privileges if you can take the heat. With more than one way to enjoy your favourite kind of spice, with chicken wings obviously being the best, adding some zesty heatwave to your dinners forecast couldn’t be easier.

Is Spicy Food Good For You? Yes, Yes It Is!

We get it, you want to test the waters and find out more before you start bathing in spice, and we don’t blame you! There is so much to find out about this fiery angel, from how much is too much and where to get your spiced up fix. Lucky for you, we’re the Wing Kingz, and have been crowned the best in the business for adding a little spice to your evening.

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    The Benefits Of Spicy Food

    Wait a second! There are benefits of spicy food? Now we’re talking! From helping you to shed the weight gained from those burgers you ate every night at our restaurant in Milton Keynes to improving health, spicy food does more than tingly your tastebuds and make your mouth water.

    Boosts Metabolism & Controls Appetite

    Did you know that chillies can burn your mouth and burn calories too? A study has shown that capsaicin in chillies can help weight loss and that those that eat spicy foods are less likely to be obese. If that’s not enough to get you rushing to Wing Kingz, then let us tell you more about how you can keep your slim physique or dad bod with our chicken wings.

    One of the reasons spicy food can help you to lose weight is that it helps to boost your metabolism. The capsaicin in hot food helps your body to break down fat and burn energy, helping you with weight management. And we’re not done there! Chillies and spices can also help to quench your appetite, so a big plate of chicken wings will keep you going for a while.

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    Improves Heart Health

    Do you know what comes with burning fat? A healthy heart! Chillies have been linked to lowering your risk of a heart attack, stroke and type 2 diabetes while also lowering your cholesterol. In fact, studies have shown that spicy food can lower the risk of all of these health issues by about 13%.

    Boosts Microbiome

    What on earth is microbiome? Well, to put it simply, it’s basically bacteria inside the body that helps with the immune system. Why on earth are we talking about microbiome, we hear you ask? The thing is, while you may be sitting there with an upset stomach eating rich tea biscuits and drinking hot squash to settle your belly, spicy food could actually be your best friend. We know what you’re thinking, ‘who in their right mind would eat spicy food when you can barely keep your rich teas down?’. Well, you know that capsaicin thing we were banging on about earlier? It can be really good for your microbiome and, therefore, your immune system!

    spicy chicken wings

    How Much Should You Be Spicing Up Your Life?

    Is there such a thing as too much spice? Even if you have a leather tongue, too much spice might do your belly more harm than good. We all know what happens when you order chicken wings slightly too hot for you to handle, and as much as you may like to relax in the bathroom, we are sure your body won’t be thanking you. So, before you start bulk ordering extra buffalo sauce, let’s take it slow and build up our tolerance. It is also important to note that spicy food does not equal diet supplements, so try to avoid scoffing your face full of scotch bonnets!

    Having said this, having some spicy food with every meal won’t do you any harm, and as most spices are natural such as chillies, you won’t be putting anything bad into your precious body.

    smoother wings

    Types of Spicy Food

    Looking to turn up the heat on your everyday meals? There are tons of ways you can spice up your food, whether it’s drizzling over some hot sauce or popping in a few chillies. Why not give some of these ideas a go?

    Herbs & Spices

    It’s universal knowledge that India holds some of the hottest and most delicious spices on the market, so let’s take some inspiration from them and stock up your spice draw. Start by adding some garam masala, cayenne pepper and red chilli powder, and add a pinch into your dish and taste before adding more – you don’t want to blow your head off!

    Other spices that would be good to add to your drawer are peppercorns, hot paprika and even some chilli flakes to sprinkle on top. If you’re looking to know more about spices, hot and mild, then why not take a look at Leafy Place?

    range of spices


    One of the most common ways, and our favourite way, to add some spice to your life is through hot sauces. You can find mild, medium and hot sauces to add to your favourite meals, allowing you to turn up the heat to your preferred temp. You can find a host of hot sauces in your local supermarket or online, but here are our favourites:

    If you are feeling creative, then you can even make your own hot sauces! Chili Pepper Madness has a great selection of hot sauce recipes that we highly recommend you give a go.

    hot sauce

    Naturally Spicy Food

    By far, the most naturally spicy food is, of course, chilli! But before we get carried away talking about all the different types of chilli, did you know that garlic can also have a spicy tang to it? When garlic is raw, it can give you spice for days and a zesty smelling mouth, but did you know that there are also a host of benefits to eating garlic? From giving you ample nutrition to combating sickness, this powerful vegetable is definitely one to add to your dish.

    Anyways, back to our deadly list of chillies! There are so many different types of chillies out there, some offering a milder experience and others burning your mouth as it has never been burnt before. The Carolina Reaper is the hottest chilli in the world, so we doubt you will be adding that one to your shopping list! However, here are the most common chillies you will find in your local supermarket and their heat level:

    • Red Chillies – Level 2
    • Jalapeño Pepper – Level 2
    • Bird Eye Chillies – Level 3
    • Finger Chillies – Level 3
    • Rocket Chillies – Level 3
    • Scotch Bonnet – Level 4

    Range of chillies

    The Best Spicy Wingz

    We know you’re here for the good stuff… wings! So, we couldn’t finish off our article without giving you a taste of what you can enjoy when heading over to our restaurant and sports bar in Milton Keynes. When creating your delicious wings, you can choose from buttermilk fried, grilled, boneless and vegan wings covered in a range of spices and sauces. Choose from lemon and pepper, smoky BBQ, zingy chipotle and mild-hot buffalo. But let’s take a look at our hottest selection:

    Zingy Chipotle

    If you’re looking for a zesty and zingy sauce with lots of flavours but not too hot, then we highly recommend giving our zingy chipotle sauce a try. Chipotle is spicy, but not to the point where you can’t feel your mouth for a day or two, so if you are new to the hot sauce world, then this one is certainly for you.

    selection of wings

    Buffalo Selection

    Now, when we say buffalo sauce, we mean our specially made recipe exclusive to Wing Kingz, which is available in multiple heat levels. Buffalo sauce is the most requested hot wings at our restaurant, and it is no surprise considering it will undoubtedly give you more heat than you bargained for. You can choose mild, medium, hot and extra hot, but be warned, our extra hot wings are like no other, so be sure to order some water with your wings!

    chilli on wing

    Ready To Fire Up With Some Wings?

    Are you feeling brave? Well then, it’s time to head on down to Wing Kingz to get your spicy fix and reap the benefits of adding some spice to your life. If you’re turning it up with someone that wants to turn it down, then we also have a selection of mild wing flavours as well as delicious burgers and tasty wraps!